Superglue Not Working on Ceramics? How to Fix Ceramic Quickly with Glue

Breaking a ceramic item can be very frustrating. Fortunately, most ceramics can be repaired easily, as long as you have all the broken pieces as well as a strong adhesive. So if you’re wondering why is your superglue not working on ceramics, stick around as we answer it.

One of the strongest adhesives on the market is cyanoacrylate glue which is also known as super glue. It can be used on various surfaces including ceramics, 

However, in some cases, it might not always be effective in fixing broken ceramic.

So, can you use Super Glue on ceramics? You can use Super Glue on ceramic in most cases. If you have a broken ceramic item, super glue will be effective in holding the pieces together. However, it can’t be used to fill in a missing piece or if the ceramic is chipped. The surface also needs to be clean and free of any contaminants like debris or oil in order for the glue to form a strong bond

Keep reading to learn more about Super Glue, when it can be used to fix broken ceramic, and how to quickly fix broken ceramic with glue.

What Is Super Glue?

Super Glue, also known as Crazy Glue, is a kind of adhesive that is made from a base chemical compound called cyanoacrylate.

This chemical compound gives the glue the ability to bond quickly and strongly with various kinds of surfaces including ceramics, metal, stone, foam, plastic, and even glass.

It’s different from other kinds of glue because cyanoacrylate requires the presence of moisture on the surface to effectively react and form a strong bond.

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When Can You Use Super Glue to Fix Broken Ceramic?

broken ceramics mug to answer why is superglue not working on ceramics

You can use super glue to fix broken ceramic as long as you have all the broken pieces.

The glue will be able to quickly form a strong bond that will hold the broken pieces of the ceramic together. It also dries clear, so the damage will not be too noticeable.

However, if you’re missing one of the pieces or the item is chipped, super glue might not be effective because it cannot be used to fill in voids.

Super glue might also not be effective if the surface of the ceramic is too dirty or oily as it will not be able to form any bond.

How to Fix Broken Ceramic Using Glue?

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to fix broken ceramic items using glue:

  • Clean and dry the broken pieces. Make sure all pieces are completely free from any contaminants like debris or oil.
  • Arrange the broken pieces and dry-fit them to form the original shape of the item. Make sure you have all the pieces as glue can’t always be used to fill in any empty voids.
  • Apply the glue on the edges of the pieces you want to stick together. It’s recommended to use a brush for better control over where the glue goes and how thick the application is.
  • It’s also recommended to remove any excess glue using a damp cloth to make the rest of the process easier.
  • Wait for the glue to set. Try to keep the pieces pressed together until the glue is dry and avoid using the item entirely until the glue is cured completely.
  • If you notice any excess dried glue on the item, you can scrape it off using a hard edge or knife but be careful not to damage or scratch the surface of the ceramic.

Here is a simple video with some useful tips on using superglue for fixing ceramics:

Related Questions

How Long Does It Take Super Glue to Dry?

Super glue takes a few seconds to set but it can take up to 24 hours to fully cure. The speed of the drying process mainly depends on the amount of glue used as well as the temperature and air circulation in the room. To make the glue dry faster, you can apply heat using a hairdryer. You can also enhance air circulation by opening windows or using electric fans.

How to Fix Chipped Ceramic?

In order to fix chipped ceramic, you need to use a gap-filling adhesive such as epoxy glue. Make sure the chipped ceramic item is completely dry and clean before applying the epoxy glue in the chipped areas. Wait for the glue to dry and cure completely then smooth it over using a nail file.

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